"Saying that My Twilight Pilot write songs is kind of like saying that Homer wrote a poem...." 
– Devon Powers, PopMatters magazine. 
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Picture yourself on the wing. 
The somber acrobatics of a pilot painted against a stark, dim skyline. Pyrotechnic streaks of white on black on silver on white. Bold, strategic curves smear the air's vast canvas as invisible hands somehow manage to keep the plane aloft. Bitter, gale force winds carve past your skull as each wing slices 1000 feet per second, per second. 
In its simplicity, it's beautiful chaos. . . until the floor drops out. 
My Twilight Pilot are an atmospheric rock band. 
Faring from the superheated Texas gulf coast, My Twilight Pilot completes a long legacy of Texas psyche-rock outfits: Beginning with the legendary 13th Floor Elevators, Fever Tree, The Moving Sidewalks, and Red Krayola — leading up to the present with Dallas's Bedhead, Mesquite's Comet, San Marcos' This Will Destroy you, and Austin's Sixteen Deluxe, Trail of Dead, and Explosions in the Sky.  
Wrestling intricate melodies from silence, they create extraordinarily literate music that shines brightly with an intensity before it explodes into spiral shards. 
Even upon the band’s young inception, they displayed a sober maturity that far outweighed their age. Within bare months of formation, *MTP* had already begun sharing stages with well-known national acts as Rilo Kiley, Maserati, Luna, Kinski, Centro-Matic, Rye Coalition, Varnaline, Landing, My Education, The Capitol Years, and The High Strung. . . in addition to international behemoths as Japan's MONO. 
In spring of 2003, My Twilight Pilot signed to Feel Records, NYC. The band's debut e.p. — four tracks clocking in excess of a half hour, and titled '555' after a local Texas death cult — was released by Feel later that year to rave critical reviews. Following a performance at SXSW 2003 and short regional tour, *MTP* briefly disbanded for the next 11 years. 
Mysteriously resurfacing in 2014 with a collection of new material, *MTP* began unceasingly + systematically reclaiming local, state, and regional stages with their (by now) renowned fearless, scathing, and guttural live performances — including high profile appearances at statewide music festivals as Houston’s Yes Indeed! 2015 + Austin’s Pecan Street Festival 2015. 
To date, *MTP* continues songwriting and reclaiming stages, with intentions to unveil their sophomore release by 2017. 
My Twilight Pilot are Stephen Matthew Crow, Matthew V. Jackson, Lisa Gallo Roth, and Josiah Donham. 
Welcome back to the new modern age.